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The conversation continues

Missing from the discussion concerning the Mayor's rudeness at Council is any conversation about the underlying issue which is obviously the thorn in his paw: the controversy over the docks at Cape Roger Curtis, and the proposed "dock bylaw" which is

A night with Red-Nose

If you're up for spreading seasonal cheer, Operation Red Nose (ORN) can help you out.

Bowen artrepreneur finds success selling perfect moments

Last winter Jenny Anstey was riding down the escalator at the International Arrivals area of the Vancouver when she looked over at the waterfall, and the light was just perfect. "There are moments like that," she says, "When I just freeze.

Library begins journey to the 21st Century

With a two-thousand dollar grant awarded by this week by the municipality to the BICS Parent Advisory Committee, and a 5 thousand dollar private donation, the library at BICS is ready to begin its transformation into a learning space fit for the 21st

IPS students looking to enhance Crippen Park meadow experience

Walk through the meadow on any given weekday, and you are likely to spot IPS students on the run. Often they're chasing frisbees. Other times they're chasing co-ordinates on a map.

Belterra prepares to break ground

After twelve years of planning, applying, waiting and negotiating, Belterra Co-Housing development is ready to break ground.

Ferry upgrades will help with wheelchair access, strollers

The Bowen Island Municipality Transportation Advisory Committee (BIMTAC) meets twice a year, with senior officials from BC Ferries (BCF). We met last week, and there were a number of positive outcomes.

Christmas Basket Raffle a treat from Bowen Seniors

As part of their only annual fundraising event, SKY (Seniors Keeping Young Society) members and friends (alsocalled the '55- plus-Group') are preparing to help you with your Christmas shopping.

Captain Cates's whales

In the early 1900s, there was no such thing as a whale-watching tour, but passengers aboard ships operated by the Terminal Steamship Company traveling to Bowen Island would frequently be awed by the site of Humpbacks swimming the waters of Howe Sound

Community Health Survey

Caring Circle has an agreement from Vancouver Coastal Health that they will give the community the early results of the "My Health My Community" survey, in our efforts to determine our health and wellness needs on Bowen Island.