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Happy birthday, Dr. Suzuki

BICS students from all grades celebrated David Suzuki's 75th birthday as one large group this week. On Tuesday, classes went on a nature walk paired with their buddy class and on Wednesday, students watched a webinar with Dr.

Surplus lands spark debate

When municipal staff poured over Bowen Island maps to decide what land could be protected by Parks Canada, they marked suggested areas in purple but ended up raising red flags.

WestonÂ’s bill squeaks through Parliament

Until last week, someone could be found with a press for making pills and all the ingredients for crystal meth or ecstasy without worrying too much about what would happen if a police officer walked into the room.

Building inspector retires after 10 years

In 2001, Konrad Jaschke was hired as the temporary building inspector for the newly formed Bowen Island Municipality. "I was hired for three months," Jaschke says. "As of today it is 10 years.

Undercurrent chosen as one of best newspapers in BC and Canada

The Bowen Island Undercurrent has been chosen as one of the province's and country's best community newspapers.

50+1 makes a majority

What's a majority? Well, on Monday night a two-thirds majority of councillors agreed that the bottom line was 50 plus one per cent.

Committee seeks input on proposed guiding principles

What do Bowen Islanders think of the guiding principles drafted by the national park council committee? Do they establish a solid ground from which to design a national park reserve on the island? Are they strong and clear enough, representing the ma

Timeline established for national park vote

The community opinion vote on a national park is now scheduled for June 25. On Monday night, council went over a proposed timeline leading up to the vote.

Bowen Islanders can help earthquake victims

It has been over a week since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit northern Japan. Since then, the death toll keeps rising, a nuclear reactor is leaking, and thousands of people have lost their homes.

Mayor updates islanders on several ongoing issues

BOB TURNER Mayor I would like to use this Mayor's Report to provide short updates to the community on several important initiatives currently underway by the municipality. Budget: Preparation of our 2011 budget process is underway.