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The Republic of Bowen Island: Let’s work together to tap into our potential

Dear Editor, With this election, we will finally move on to a new chapter in the history of Bowen Island.

My Shippagan

There’s a powerful song written by Michel Conte, sung passionately by Sandra Le Couteur, which is often heard in my home. It’s called “Shippagan” and it tells the story of a man who has left his homeland in New Brunswick.
The candidate list

The candidate list

Last Friday I might have updated the municipalities ever-growing list of electoral candidates, forty-five times, maybe more.
Another fabulous applefest

Another fabulous applefest

Dear Editor, Once again on Thanksgiving Sunday, Applefest dodged the storm gods, but it was close! We had more visitors than ever, and we raised almost $2,000 for our heritage programs. That’s terrific.

An update from the Bowen Island Transportation Advisory Committee

Dear Editor, Our ferry service, and its many failings, will come up during the Council election campaign.

Quality education doesn’t come cheap

Both kids and teachers are back in school and for the next few years at least, it looks as though that will be the status quo. This is no-doubt a relief to all parties, including the government.
You need to win a majority

You need to win a majority

Please make TransLink aware of your concerns

Dear Editor, We are part of Metro Vancouver but with over 1300 conventional buses TransLink won’t provide even one for Bowen Islanders to commute directly downtown.

The dream board

In my house, if you want to pitch an idea about something but are unsure about how it will be recieved or if it the idea seems to crazy to truly make happen but you’ve just got to put it out there, here’s what you say: Now, don’t shoot me down, this

Spiritual hospitality

At 5 p.m. every day, the bell on Cates Hill is sounded, calling those gathered at Rivendell to prayer. I hear the bell in my home, and it acts as a reminder to return to myself for a moment, to become aware of what I am doing and why.
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