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Time to change the channel

Dear Editor, I am very happy to see such a long list of islanders eager to stand for our next council. Bowen has many energetic, talented people with much to contribute.

The official opposition

To the Editor, Noted singer, songwriter and musician Shari Ulrich wrote a letter to The Undercurrent last week in praise of mayoral candidate Tim Rhodes. She wrote that Mr.
Truthiness 2014

Truthiness 2014

Stepping down, but not out

Dear Editor, I have decided to leave public life as of December 1, which marks the end of my term on Bowen Island Municipal Council. I will continue to be active on matters that I know are critical to our survival as an island and a region.

We are all Bowen Islanders

I only heard later about the buttons that our Mayor, Jack Adelaar, was handing out at this year’s Bowfest. The slogan, “We are all Bowen Islanders,” it stuck in my head immediately.

Michael Smith, UBC’s Nobel Laureate and Science hero

When I was teaching at UBC and living on Bowen, I tried to get an early ferry to Horseshoe Bay and then drive to UBC where Joan and I would breakfast at the now defunct Faculty Club.

Experience is critical for a council that can move us forward

Dear Editor, Municipal Election time is not my favourite season. There’s a kind of hysteria that ensues that belies our bucolic life on Bowen. But being an optimistic person, I’d like to think we’re slowly getting better at being a municipality.

The Republic of Bowen Island: Let’s work together to tap into our potential

Dear Editor, With this election, we will finally move on to a new chapter in the history of Bowen Island.

My Shippagan

There’s a powerful song written by Michel Conte, sung passionately by Sandra Le Couteur, which is often heard in my home. It’s called “Shippagan” and it tells the story of a man who has left his homeland in New Brunswick.
The candidate list

The candidate list

Last Friday I might have updated the municipalities ever-growing list of electoral candidates, forty-five times, maybe more.
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