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Mid-life refit: A chance to work towards something better?

Dear Editor, So the bad news is in ā€“ we are getting the Bowen Queen for 6 months starting January 15th 2015. BC Ferries announced it at the BIMTAC public meeting held on Tuesday evening.

Step up and say sorry!

Dear Editor How LAME is it that the bike park was bulldozed after only a short meeting that had no outside community input. From what I understand the debate only lasted 15 minutes.

A new low water mark

Dear Editor, I have to hand to this Council, they just never cease to disappoint.

A book sale for the history books

Dear Editor Another huge book sale is now in the history books. On behalf of F.O.B.I.L.S.
New bike park on Bowen

New bike park on Bowen

Big ā€œCā€ community

In a chat with Soren Hammerberg, chair of the Bowen Island Community Foundation, I learned that there is actually a dollar figure to measure community spirit: last year, through our Community Foundation, Bowen Islanders raised $80,000.

In a spirit of positivity

Dear Editor and Community, It is in the spirit of positive growth, stimulation and friendship that I have worked with many other islanders over recent months to create an event we are calling the Howe Sound & Spirit Festival.
Anyone seen Grandpa?

Anyone seen Grandpa?

Dear Editor, On behalf of Alice Jennings and the entire Jennings family I am pleased to report the 7th Annual David Jennings Memorial Canadian Hosers Themed Tournament on May 31st was an over -the-top-success.

Signs and sculptures

Dear Editor, To begin with, what happened to the sign, just up from the dock, welcoming people to our beautiful Island, an Island within the Islands Trust? There was no advance warning before it simply disappeared.

Move the statue!

Dear Editor, Surely it is the right of the owner/organization who now owns this sculpture to decide its location. With all due respect to the artist(s), their role ends with the completion of their work.
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