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Today in History and Celebrity Birthdays


Today in History for April 16: In 556, Roman-born Pope Pelagius I became the 60th successor of St. Peter. He built the Church of the Twelve Apostles. In 1189, St. Drogo, also called Druon, a Flemish saint who became a hermit in Sebourg, France, died.


Today in Music History for April 16: In 1924, pianist, composer and orchestra leader Henry Mancini was born in Cleveland.


Celebrity Birthdays for April 16: Singer Bobby Vinton is 89. Denmark's Queen Margrethe II is 84. Blues singer and guitarist Stefan Grossman is 79. Basketball Hall of Fame centre Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is 77.


Celebrity Birthdays for April 15: Actress Claudia Cardinale ("Son of the Pink Panther") is 86. British singer-songwriter Marty Wilde (born Reginald Smith) is 85. Author and politician Jeffrey Archer is 84. Singer-guitarist Dave Edmunds is 80.


Today in History for April 15: On this date: In 1452, Leonardo da Vinci was born in Vinci, Italy. He would go on to paint some historic religious scenes, most specifically ``The Last Supper,'' as well as the iconic ``Mona Lisa.


Today in Music History for April 15: In 1729, composer J.S. Bach conducted the premiere performance of his ``St. Matthew Passion'' at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, Germany.


Today in History for April 14: On this date: In 73 AD, rather than face defeat at the hands of the Romans, Jews in the fortress of Masada committed mass suicide.


Celebrity Birthdays for April 14: Actress Julie Christie is 84. Retired MLB All-Star Pete Rose is 83. Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore is 79. Actor John Shea ("Gossip Girl," ''Lois and Clark") is 75. Country music songwriter Kostas is 75.


Today in Music History for April 14: In 1759, German composer George Frideric Handel died at age 74 in London. He worked mainly in England and Italy, and his most famous work is ``The Messiah.


Today in Music History for April 13: In 1742, George Frideric Handel's majestic oratorio, ``The Messiah,'' was first performed, in Dublin. The performance raised 400 pounds for charity.