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Today in History and Celebrity Birthdays


Today in History for May 27: On this date: In 1534, Jacques Cartier explored Belle Isle on his second voyage to Canada. In 1564, John Calvin, a leader of the Protestant Reformation, died in Geneva at age 54.


Today in History for May 28: On this date: In 1089, Lanfranc, the first Norman Archbishop of Canterbury, died. During his time as archbishop, he rebuilt the cathedral, based on the design of his former abbey in Caen, in northern France.


Today in History for May 30: On this date: In 339, Eusebius, the father of early church history, died at age 74.


Today in History for May 31: On this date: In 1578, Italian archeologist Antonio Bosio became the first man in modern times to rediscover the Christian catacombs in Rome. Researchers who followed him dubbed Bosio "the Columbus of the Catacombs.


Today in History for May 26: On this date: In 735, Bede the Venerable, known as the father of English church history, Benedictine monk, priest, writer, hymn writer, died at about age 62.


Celebrity Birthdays for May 24: Actor-comedian-impressionist Stanley Baxter is 98. Artist Robert Bateman is 94. Jazz saxophonist Archie Shepp is 87. Comedian Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong is 86.


Today in History for May 29: On this date: In 526, Antioch, in present-day Turkey, was struck by an earthquake, killing about 250,000 people. In 1453, the Turks captured Constantinople, bringing the Eastern Roman Empire to an end.


Celebrity Birthdays for May 25: Actress Ann Robinson ("War of the Worlds") is 95. Classical pianist Robert Silverman is 86. Actor Sir Ian McKellen ("Lord of the Rings") is 85. Country singer Jessi Colter is 81. Actress-singer Leslie Uggams is 81.


Today in Music History for May 29: In 1837, Charles W. Fry, the English musician who, along with his three sons, formed the first Salvation Army brass band, was born. Fry also authored the hymn, "Lily of the Valley.


Celebrity Birthdays for May 23: Actress Barbara Barrie is 92. Actress Joan Collins is 91. International Tennis Hall-of-Famer John Newcombe is 80. Actress Lauren Chapin ("Father Knows Best") is 79. Country singer Misty Morgan is 79.