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In the Community

Nook funds waste management study

With building expenses covered for the first time since opening, the board of Knick Knack Nook, Bowen Island's re-use-store, has been able to consider how to return our community's generosity by donating funds to an island project.

Delve into Non-Fiction

A trio of talented non-fiction writers is sharing secrets at this year's Write on Bowen festival from July 8 to 10: Madeline Sonik, Anthony Dalton and Michael Turner.

Fern the sheep was a beloved member of the family

On May 12 between 6 and 7 a.m., a feral wolf-dog killed Fern, one of our sheep, and her children. There was Fern and her only daughter Josie (who was four years old) and they each had a black baby lamb.

Farmers’ market is June 4

The Bowen produce is starting to roll in - and it's about time, eh? Please join the Bowen Island Agricultural Alliance at the BowFEAST farmers' market on Saturday, June 4, from 9 a.m. to noon, at the BICS blacktop area. Everyone is welcome.

Tributes to Graeme Dinsdale

When I asked Graeme if he was going to run for council when we became a municipality, he said, "if you're going to pay me a quarter of a million dollars.

Family’s brush with malaria underscores value of Africa Night fundraiser

Malaria - what do we really know about malaria here in Canada? We might know the basics - that it's a parasite passed on via a mosquito bite, that it causes fever and that it can recur throughout ones life time, it occurs mostly in tropical countries

Bowen bids farewell to dedicated volunteer

When Graeme Dinsdale set foot on Bowen Island for the first time in 1982, he came to volunteer - he was feeding his friend's cats for a weekend.

Lost Worlds at Coastal Patterns Gallery

In his new exhibition at Coastal Patterns Gallery, Gregg Simpson branches out from the landscape-based works featured in A New Arcadia and Raincoast Visions to explore the psychological landscapes of the mind.

Bowen Children’s Centre celebrates 40 years

Can you believe it? Forty years ago, in Gail Taylor's basement, Bowen Island Preschool was born out of a need for children to play and learn together.

AGM ponders film society’s future

What a lovely way to spend an evening.