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In the Community

Film explores the people behind financial collapse

This month's Bowen Island Film Society presentation is Inside Job, an Oscar-winning documentary [2010] about the most recent world financial crisis, written and directed by Charles Ferguson, and narrated by Matt Damon.

Library celebrates anniversary with New Orleans flair

Did you know that 30 years was a pearl anniversary? That's what Google says - so it must be true.

Sign up early for choice of workshops and events

The early bird registration is now open for the 2011 Write on Bowen festival. It's not always guaranteed that the early bird gets the worm, but the bird that doesn't show up, doesn't get a chance at all...

Pitching in

Five hulking lads did all the heavy lifting at the Bowen Waste Services' spring clean-up day on April 16. Twice yearly the free clean-up is offered so islanders can throw out old furniture, appliances and stuff too big for regular pick-up.

Foundation salutes people who support their community

Have you ever wondered where all those clothes are sorted each year? You know, the ones you buy at the Children's Centre fundraiser in the Spring? Thousands of articles of clothing for the entire family, all sorted according to size and gender, then

Dolphins are back in Howe Sound

There's a change in Howe Sound. Residents in Lions Bay have spotted them. People in West Vancouver and on Bowen Island are talking about them. Then there are the boaters who have watched them play out in the waves.

Share your ferry stories

However many times a week, month, or year we find ourselves in the ferry line-up to board the Queen of Capilano, and whatever the reasons for our trip, we are aware that the ferry - specifically, the car ferry- plays a significant role in island life

Broadway on Bowen a roaring success

Who needs a trip to New York when Broadway can come to Bowen? On Friday and Saturday night, audiences at Cates Hill Chapel were captivated by Bowen performers showcasing Broadway tunes.

Bowen family creates art with children in Nicaragua

Saffron Gurney of Serious Play and her family had a fabulous trip to the Pacific coast of Nicaragua during the spring break. They stayed at a remote northern fishing village and spent some time at a nearby orphanage.

Bowen parents encouraged to take up baton

I am the Bowen parent of two children who have gone through BICS and West Vancouver Secondary. Ben is 20 and graduated from WVS almost three years ago. Louisa is 17 and graduates this June.