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Local Business

Reminder to buy on Bowen

The Bowen Island Chamber of Commerce would like to remind everyone of their local merchants this holiday season. Our local economy is like an organism for which money is the blood. The blood needs to flow to keep it healthy.

An interplay between structure and decore

Amie Thomas named her interior design studio Moss and Oak ( ). "Moss represents the artwork: objects, furniture, the decorative element," Thomas explained.

Helping one another grow

The three women come from different backgrounds and have followed different career paths but they have one thing in common: they want to create better conditions for women who run businesses and live on Bowen Island.

In the running for America’s best espresso

It will not come as a surprise to Bowen Island coffee connoisseurs that they may be indulging in a world class cuppa joe.

Bowen Island Pub opens in time for ball game

Three months ago, Glenn Cormier wouldn't have believed it possible that he would open a business on Bowen Island. "To be honest, to me Bowen Island was always a Neverland-kind of a place.

Sweetening island life

Making island life sweeter, one gourmet truffle at a time, is chocolatier Joanne Mogridge, owner and operator of Cocoa West chocolates.

Ready to launch

Gino and Victoria Rutigliano have been in business on Bowen for almost 10 years. The Bowen Island Roasting Company opened its new doors last June but they have been roasting free trade organic coffee beans on the island for the last seven years.

Bowen pub to close down June 1

If you've been meaning to go on down to the local pub for a beer or spritzer then best get around to it soon or you'll be too late. That's because the venerable Bowen institution is closing its doors on June 1.

MyVet at your house

There's a new vet in town, her name is Dr. Sandra Madden and she's been seeing island animals in their own homes on Fridays for a month. Originally from Gibsons, Dr. Madden has a business called myVet and is working out of the North Shore.

Putting candy store on the map

To the casual observer Bowen Island may appear like a dull place. However, the locals of this tiny paradise would be able to tell you that Bowen is full of hidden wonders. All you need to find them is a treasure map.