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Smaller hall might be less feasible

The goal is to build a modest facility that will provide Bowen Island with a much needed community centre. And, according to a council resolution, the construction of the core facility is not to exceed $3 million.

Have your say about future of Snug Cove

It's like a box of building blocks that can be fitted together to make a castle, or a cottage, depending on the choice and ambition of the builder.

Council divvies up $129,000

It was a long, difficult process that will disappoint some people - except perhaps for those whose top priority is holding the line on property taxes. On Monday, council approved a total of $129,000 in community grants.

Run for The Ferry returns in 2011 as Run for Rwanda

The annual tradition of Run for the Ferry has attracted runners from Bowen as well across the Lower Mainland since 1995. This year, the event will change its name and take on a slightly different look and feel.

Metro debates possibility of giving up Crippen Park

Regional district officials say they haven't decided whether they'd consent to giving up Crippen Park because Parks Canada has yet to formally ask.

A visit from the black bear

Len Gilday took this photo of a black bear when it came to visit his house below Valhalla ridge one morning at 7:30.

Duntz shares his thoughts on Bowen

Long-time Islander, realtor, developer (he prefers community builder) and philanthropist Wolfgang Duntz has added another job title to his list - blogger. Duntz started Thoughts on Bowen earlier this month and it promises to be an interesting read.

Election season begins

There are 154 days until November's municipal election but the campaign season has already started.

Commuters rally behind water taxi

Michael Kaile works downtown but he lives in a place that is surrounded by gardens and trees. And he walks to work. At least he covers the land portion of his commute on foot. The rest of the trip is taken care of by English Bay Launch.

CRC Trust Society dissolves itself

The Cape Roger Curtis Trust Society has been on the Bowen preservationist landscape since 2002. For eight years the group was a mainstay in the debate about the future of the 631-acre Cape Roger Curtis lands on Bowen's western shore.