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Five is fine with me

Dear Editor, While it is unfortunate Wolfgang Duntz and Daron Jennings chose to resign, I think it appropriate to give them credit for the good things they did during their 2.5 years on council.
Woodall's cartoon, March 21 2014

Woodall's cartoon, March 21 2014

An open letter to Bowen Islanders

I must say that I was extremely sorry to hear that Councillors Duntz and Jennings had resigned last Friday. I also want to say that I do understand the underlying reasons for these resignations.

Why should we care about a few herons?

Dear Editor, Heron nesting season is now underway, and I wanted to take the occasion to emphasize the importance ensuring that herons are not disturbed during their nesting season.

Ming is turning 84!

Dear Editor, I wanted to take the occasion of my father’s birthday to report that he is doing well in his new care home in North Vancouver. If you don't know my father, for seven years, he walked everyday along Eaglecliff Road.

What just happened?

Dear Editor, This Monday’s special Council Meeting dealt with the aftermath of the resignations of Wolfgang Duntz and Daron Jennings received on Friday March 14. In their resignation letters Mr. Duntz and Mr.

Government's Recycling Policy Represents the Biggest Threat Facing British Columbia's Newspapers

British Columbians have every right to be proud of our world-leading recycling program, built right here in this province.

Mini Gala a big success

Dear Editor, The Gallery @ Artisan Square's 2014 Mini Gala was a roaring success. Over 100 guests braved the torrential rain and wind to attend the sold out event.

Had I my druthers, I’d be running B.C. Ferries

Had I my druthers, if such a thing came to pass, and I got to say who the BC Ferries president would be, and name the two main vice-presidents (they have numerous vice-presidents) I sincerely believe I could come up with people who'd do a great job a

BIMTAC meeting with BC Ferries, March 6, 2014

Dear Editor, On Thursday March 6, the Bowen Island Municipality Transportation Committee (BIMTAC) met with BC Ferries (BCF) staff about the proposed changes in the number of Route 8 (Bowen Island) weekend sailings and the consequent schedule changes.