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Politics in paradise

Politics in paradise

The pro-development council

Dear Editor, We do not want to repeat the defamation campaign we witnessed at the last election.

Skeels’ facts and the facts on Skeels

To the Editor, I must take issue with a couple of points made by Graham Ritchie in his letter in the last Undercurrent in which he emphasizes the importance of “opinions based on facts.

Skeels has staying power

Dear Editor, Having been on this island for over ¼ of a century now and still hanging onto some remnants of sanity because of it, we would like to pass on our views of Mr. Murray Skeels.

Council and development

Dear Editor, The primary purpose of a Municipality is to direct and regulate development towards the best interests of the community, both in the short and long term. We will certainly need many forms of development on Bowen over the next few years.

Committed to Skeels, for his commitments

Dear Editor, It’s been 26 years since I wrote a letter to the Undercurrent; but recent election buzz has prompted me to talk about why I will vote for Murray Skeels for mayor. For those who might not know, Murray moved to Bowen 36 years ago.

Know your Candidates

Dear Editor, I moved to this small community over 16 years ago with three young children in tow. I’ve worked for several local entrepreneurs and managed and owned small businesses over that time.

Thanking the powers that be for allowing us to get just lost enough on island forests

Dear Editor, In almost every part of Canada, municipal elections are held in the fall. There must be a logic in choosing this particular time of year.

Compromise is the better way

Dear Editor, When I first moved to Bowen Island more than 35 years ago, there were only about 750 full-time residents on the island; we were an “unorganized territory”, governed by the “preserve and protect” mandate of the Islands Trust.

Re: Time to change the channel

Dear Editor, From our volunteer work together designing two library calendars, Len Gilday knows I have some facility in graphic design and I suspect he knows I have some facility with words.