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Re: Time to change the channel

Dear Editor, From our volunteer work together designing two library calendars, Len Gilday knows I have some facility in graphic design and I suspect he knows I have some facility with words.

Last council’s accomplishments are sadly, obvious

Dear Editor, In his recent Bulletin article, candidate Tim Rhodes says that much of this Council’s work in the past term has gone “largely unseen”. If only that were true.

Not quite symbiosis

Way back in 1964, when I was working in Boston with a very high-powered team of developers working on elementary science curriculum, I was absolutely surrounded by brilliant people.

Casual contemplations from the fringes of “Silly Season”

Dear Editor, Andrew Stone, sitting Councillor and declared candidate for Mayor has withdrawn from the race. Stone was one of four mayoral candidates following the official finalization of candidates by 4:00 p.m., Friday, 17 October.

How to get where we want to go

Dear Editor After attending yesterday evenings Q & A session between the candidates for Mayor it appears there is a clear distinction in the way in which they plan to handle the sale and development of the community lands. Mr.

School trustee candidate Carolyn Broady

Dear Editor, I am writing to offer my support for Carolyn Broady in the upcoming West Vancouver School District election.

Rumours don't make us better

Dear Editor, As I ready to head to warmer climes I, first wish to thank all of the candidates for taking that HUGE step in putting your names forth to represent Bowen at the Municipal Council table.
Election typo

Election typo

Let’s not wait: the Tunstall Bay boat ramp needs an upgrade

Dear Editor, A group of boaters asked the municipality to provide an access to water using the existing boat ramp at Tunstall Bay. The repair/improvement would be minimal and was initially approved but here is how Bowen Island works (or does not).

$6133.45 raised for Burn Fund

Dear Editor, I want to say thank you to everyone for helping me with my fund-raiser for the Burn Fund’s new building. I’ve now doubled my original goal which was $3000, more than doubled it and made $ $6133.