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Is a bark worse than a BITE?

Dear Editor, In her October 24th letter to the editor, Shari Ulrich accuses Murray Skeels of playing “a significant role in the discourse of countless issues in the community over the years”. I couldn’t agree more.

Vote for candidates who take the high road

Dear Editor, There’s a new issue in this election—respect. More and more people want a more civil political culture on our sensitive little island.

Your choice for mayor is important

Dear Editor, Good news: It looks like we’ll have a more representative council, with a balance of views, more women and a younger demographic, though only one councillor, at most, has experience at the job.

Hoping for four years of improved public process

To the Editor, At the recent All-Candidates Meeting I heard lots of support for the environment, seniors, families, and needed infrastructure for Bowen Island – values I think most of us share.

Mayoral candidates address concerns about sexist language

Dear editor, “If one of the councillors were to make a sexist remark during a council meeting, how would you behave?” That’s a question I submitted to the mayoral candidates’ meeting last week; the question wasn’t put.

The future looks bright on Bowen

Dear Editor, I’m so excited about this upcoming election for our Bowen Island Council.
Politics in paradise

Politics in paradise

The pro-development council

Dear Editor, We do not want to repeat the defamation campaign we witnessed at the last election.

Skeels’ facts and the facts on Skeels

To the Editor, I must take issue with a couple of points made by Graham Ritchie in his letter in the last Undercurrent in which he emphasizes the importance of “opinions based on facts.

Skeels has staying power

Dear Editor, Having been on this island for over ¼ of a century now and still hanging onto some remnants of sanity because of it, we would like to pass on our views of Mr. Murray Skeels.