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In the Community

Diving for Bowen’s treasures

With the great outdoors right outside the door, Bowen gives kids and adults get plenty of opportunity to see and learn about their environment. There is, however, an environment that isn't as easy to access the shores around Bowen Island.

From 1971 to 2011

There is a level yard with swings and playground equipment, an impressive number of tricycles and wagons and raised beds for flowers and vegetables. The rooms are large and bright and arranged for optimum comfort.

Compost study explores options; mandatory rules coming next year

With building expenses covered for the first time since opening, the board of Knick Knack Nook, Bowen Island's re-use-Store, has been able to consider how we might return our community's generosity by donating funds to an Island project.

Students and artists create a legacy

Athletes playing on the turf field will always have someone looking over them.

Bowfest goes Under The Sea adventure

The 2011 Bowfest board is busy planning for this year's festivities, which will include a fabulous line up of Bowen Island musicians and performers, the return of popular events such as the ponies, the CoastGuard Hovercraft, the children's rides, the

Date change for Jake’s Gift

Due to the Canucks' incredible performance and a wedding date that interfers with the performer and stage manager's availability, Jake's Gift will be performed at Cates Hill Chapel on Saturday and Sunday.

Ceildh will be good old-fashioned island gathering

We are having on old-fashioned ceildh on Bowen Island. Some of my students and I will play the fiddle, accompanying the dancing, and anyone who can join us in the music making is very welcome to do so.

Theatre festival ventures Into the West

Hamish Headley is a professional actor studying in New York City. This summer he's back on Bowen, looking at the island where he grew up - his father is Jack Headley of Tir-na-nOg fame - with fresh eyes.

All’s well at Endswell

Trained as a painter in London, Nicolette (Cross) McIntosh now lives on Endswell Farm, a 150-acre property overlooking Hutt Island.

Pennies for Bowen

BICS students have adopted a simple idea with the potential of a big impact for our community. They call it "Pennies for Bowen" and it is their month-long project in support of their focus on "service" which is the school's virtue for June.