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General Store will start charging for bags

Paper or plastic? The answer to that question will soon affect your bill. According to Nancy Lee, the Snug Cove General Store is currently giving out about 12,000 plastic bags a month.

Hold list for opponents to smart meters program

The modernizing of the energy grid in British Columbia through the installation of wireless smart meters is continuing despite some opposition around the province. BC Hydro told the Undercurrent this week that 585,000 out of 1.

Bells and whistles

The recent expansion and upgrade of the Snug Cove Wastewater Treatment Plant was selected as one of the five notable mentions in Water's Next innovation category.

Help with budgetary matters

Time is of the essence when it comes to dealing with the budget. Chief financial officer Karen Blow gave council an update and explained why the budget includes a 9.9 per cent tax hike.

More than just a place for ferry marshalling

The revitalization of Snug Cove has been on many council agendas and the issue of parking requirements in the area was brought up by mayor Adelaar at the first meeting of the new council.

Another pleasure boat sinks in Deep Bay

Another pleasure boat has sunk and been abandoned in the waters of Deep Bay at Sandy Beach in Snug Cove. The boat sank not far from shore about two weeks ago.

Council will work on wish list - with an eye on financial planning

To say the last three months have been very interesting would be an understatement. And now, here I am leading a new council and dealing with current and pressing island issues.

BowenÂ’s new Christmas baby

Genevieve McCorquodale and Lorne Warr are calling their newborn baby their "little miracle.

Change of pace

In the week before Christmas, Cpl. Nancy Joyce transferred from the Surrey Police Detachment to Bowen Island. She said, "I was there a little over six years.

Winning ticket purchased at General Store

It was a Christmas day the Radley family won't soon forget after scratching a winning Set for Life ticket. "I scratched it at the kitchen table on Christmas day," said Christine Radley. "It just felt surreal. We did a group hug.