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Eyes on the road, hands on the steering wheel

In February 2012, on the second anniversary of the distracted driving law, policewill be focusing on enforcement of driver behaviour that takes attention from the road, such as texting while driving, or putting on makeup.

Reliability and safety are key issues

In the period of one week, nearly 100 Bowen Islanders have completed a survey about a water taxi for commuters.

Another sunken boat in Deep Bay

A third boat, a 10-or-so-foot skiff, has gone down in Deep Bay near the shore of Sandy Beach. It was abandoned in the past week or two. There are now at least three boats under water there; the other two are larger.

CAO resigns

Brent Mahood, chief administrative officer of the Bowen Island Municipality, has handed in this resignations he will be leaving March 1.

Decision to hold daytime council meetings will be re-evaluated after period of time

Councillors have said that they are better able to take in information and make decisions during the day. They have stated that daytime meetings save money as municipal staff can be on hand during regular office hours.

Municipal money matters

The timing is tight. Council's input is required so that the 2012 budget and the five-year financial plan can move forward and taxes can be determined.

Back to the drawing board, again?

The Bowen Island Municipality has just gone through an extensive two-year planning process aimed at revitalizing Snug Cove.

Coastal ferry fares at ‘tipping point’

BC Ferries has reached a "tipping point" of rising fares and declining ridership, and should cut costs or add more subsidy to keep future fare increases to the rate of inflation, BC Ferry Commissioner Gord Macatee says.

Focus on two committees

Bowen Island's new mayor and council had their first town hall meeting of the 2011-2014 term last Saturday, January 14, and some 85 islanders crammed into the meeting room at the municipal hall to talk about volunteerism and committees.

Two ferries in Snug Cove

Last weekend, islanders were surprised to see two ferries moving in and out of Snug Cove. In addition to the Queen of Capilano that provided regular service between the mainland and Bowen Island, the Island Sky docked at the Snug Cove terminal.