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A soldier's life

Just in time for this year's the Remembrance Day Ceremonies, the students at BICS received a rare opportunity to explore a stash of WWII memorabilia left to Dave McIntosh by his uncle, Andrew Guy Clunas.

Divers explore rare reef in Dorman Bay.

The sun was bright and the wind strong last Sunday as a group of recreational divers cruised across choppy waters to the middle of Dorman Bay to sink into its depths and explore a rare and prehistoric Glass Sponge reef.

Snap-happy photography club

We now have our photography club set to run on the last Tuesday of every month. We are welcoming all levels of photographers from beginner to pro. We will meet the last Tuesday of every month at Tunstall Bay Clubhouse at 7:15.

Bowen Island Golf Course AGM

As past president it gives me a great deal of nostalgic pleasure to provide this report on the October 4th AGM.

Moving beyond despair: Bowen in Transition presents Carolyn Baker

"If we can practice opening to the crises in our personal lives as teaching moments, as evolutionary stepping stones, we will be far better prepared emotionally and spiritually for the trauma that collapse will foist on us and everyone around us.

Bring charity back into politics

To the Editor, A few weeks ago, The Bulletin made reference to 10 of the greatest philosophical principles as set out by the Editor of The Philosopher's Magazine. Of particular interest is the Principle of Charity.

Clean Compost

Harvest Power operates the composting plant in Richmond BC. We haven't had an odor complaint in months. We constructed a Digester for food waste at a cost of many millions and made significant operational changes to the compost process. Geoff Hill

The conversation continues

Missing from the discussion concerning the Mayor's rudeness at Council is any conversation about the underlying issue which is obviously the thorn in his paw: the controversy over the docks at Cape Roger Curtis, and the proposed "dock bylaw" which is

A night with Red-Nose

If you're up for spreading seasonal cheer, Operation Red Nose (ORN) can help you out.

Bowen artrepreneur finds success selling perfect moments

Last winter Jenny Anstey was riding down the escalator at the International Arrivals area of the Vancouver when she looked over at the waterfall, and the light was just perfect. "There are moments like that," she says, "When I just freeze.