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Famous and photogenic islanders grace pages of library calendar

Bowen Library has produced a 2014 calendar featuring 13 photos of "famous" Bowen Islanders reading. The idea was inspired by the American Library Association's READ posters featuring celebrities and sports heroes reading.

Opposition packs Municipal Hall to have their say on Bylaw 335

Members of the public packed the Municipal Hall for Tuesday evening's public hearing on Bylaw #335, Bowen Island's Land-Use bylaw, and those who could not find seats stood listening in the hallway.

On the Calendar

Friday November 15 Youth Centre 6pm-9pm Snacks, video-games, Movies, Food and Fun! Ages 12 + 7pm Lecture at Cates Hill chapel, the life of Charles Andrews Saturday November 16 Dad and Me: Balance and Motion, Juggling and Gym Games led by Paul Stewart

An interview with the mayor.

How is your health? Fine.

Council pleads a lack of power and time to change docks bylaw

Prior to the public meeting on Bylaw 335, Bowen's municipal councillors were urged to stop environmental damage caused by dock chains and prohibit the building of docks on public beaches.

Thank you for the warm welcome

Thanks to the generosity and creativity of some of persistent islanders the area at the ferry dock above the retaining wall has a more finished and welcoming look. Bowen's Garden Club found this steep bank to be a challenging place to work.

Roots on the Rock at Tir-na-nOg

BettySoo and Doug Cox might seem an unlikely pair. One hails from the cadre of songwriters living in Austin, Texas, the other from the paradisical reaches of Vancouver Island.

BICC Annual Coffee House: Not your average brewed pot

Do you like to sit and listen to good music in the evening? Perhaps it is more enjoyable with a hot drink and a little sweet. Ah yes, the audio's great but it's just not the same thrill as being at a "live" event is it? Well, don't despair.

The Vancouver Piano Ensemble comes to Bowen

On November the 24th Bowen Islanders are going to have a musical treat. The Vancouver Piano Ensemble (VPE) will be play the opening concert of the Bowen Island Arts Council's (BIAC) 2013-2014 Classical Concert Series.

Boost your Immunity

Time to bust out the tissues: Tis the season for sniffles, drips, coughs and soar throats. But as cold and flu season ramps up, hand-washing shouldn't be your only mode of defense.