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Ferry cuts confirmed, results from “Engagement Process” released

The Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Todd Stone held a press conference in Victoria on Wednesday February 5 at 11:30am to announce "government's decision on coastal ferry service levels, and speak about the report that summarizes the mo

Coming, going and growing in the Cove

Islanders happily gobbled up crèpes and waffles of both sweet and savory varieties at the newly opened Bistro Rustique in Snug Cove.

Making a life-saving shock accessible

First Aid instructor and former paramedic Amanda Ockeloen's first rule of emergency response comes down to thinking ahead and formulating a plan ahead of time.

Be your kid’s co-pilot

Facebook is for dinosaurs, and parents are likely to have a very hard time keeping up with their kids appetite for mobile communication technologies.

Study shows more eelgrass habitat than expected on Bowen’s coast

Starting in 2012, the Islands Trust and Islands Trust Fund in partnership with SeaChange Marine Conservation Society set out to map the shorelines of islands within the Islands Trust area with a particular focus on eelgrass beds.

Beaches of Mannion Bay will soon be fit for everyone

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Friends of Mannion Bay (FMB) I applaud council and administration for the keen interest and leadership they have taken in the clean-up and preservation of Mannion Bay.

Agriculture enthusiasts swap seed, ideas, knowledge and dreams

Gardeners anticipating spring had the chance to pic up seeds this weekend at the third annual Bowen Agricultural Alliance Seed Swap.

Is Bowen the Raven capital of Canada?

Counting birds in winter can be a cold and wet experience but this year we were blessed with a sunny day. One could be forgiven for thinking that a sunny day would produce a bumper crop of birds but, unfortunately, it doesn't always follow.

Council defers decision on property tax increase

Prior to delivering her statement on Bowen Islands financial future in the five years ahead, the municipality's Manager of Finance, Kristen Watson joked about being the unfortunate "barer of bad news.

Council hears competing visions for development of lot #2

On Monday, Council heard from both the theatre community and the gymnastics community about potential uses of community lands in Snug Cove.