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Local News

The Vancouver Piano Ensemble comes to Bowen

On November the 24th Bowen Islanders are going to have a musical treat. The Vancouver Piano Ensemble (VPE) will be play the opening concert of the Bowen Island Arts Council's (BIAC) 2013-2014 Classical Concert Series.

Boost your Immunity

Time to bust out the tissues: Tis the season for sniffles, drips, coughs and soar throats. But as cold and flu season ramps up, hand-washing shouldn't be your only mode of defense.

Bowen Hatchery recieves first-ever Pink salmon eggs

On Wednesday, Rob Bell-Irving from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans brought 100 thousand 'eyed' Pink salmon eggs to the Bowen Island Fish Hatchery.

Sports Day in Canada happens here on Bowen Island

Bowen Island Community Recreation is joining a national movement to celebrate sport and physical activity and we are inviting all Islanders to join us on Friday Nov.29 th from 6-8pm for Family Sports and Games Night.

On the Calendar

Friday November 8 "Inner Transition: Finding our way in times of collapse" A free talk by Carolyn Baker put on by Bowen in Transition Cates Hill Chapel 7:30pm Youth Centre Ages 12 + Saturday November 9 10:00am to 4:00pm SKY Raffle ticket sale at Gene

Divers explore rare reef in Dorman Bay

The sun was bright and the wind strong last Sunday as a group of recreational divers cruised across choppy waters to the middle of Dorman Bay to sink into its depths and explore a rare and prehistoric Glass Sponge reef.

Bowen Conservancy says dock issue is about more than the Cape

Anyone strolling along the waterfront pathway at Cape Roger Curtis will see that, despite all the public discontent, one large dock already juts into the ocean from the high ground above the foreshore.

Local lawyer to work on peacebuilding mission in Central Africa

This week, while Declan and Alexander Morris-Schwarz participated in the Remembrance Day activities at BICS, their mom, Madeleine Schwarz, attended a training course in Italy on staying safe, and keeping your family safe when in proximity to zones of

Bowen's boys were not unknown

To write about our Canadian military history is not to glorify, glamorize or condone war. Nor is it to perpetuate the sentiment of rosy-cheeked young men marching off to fight the glorious battle.

Yoga is about feeling good while we're here

The teacher doesn't mind if you don't pay too much attention during Friday morning yoga sessions at the yoga studio at Artisan Square. It's also okay if half the class is babbling, ignoring the poses all together.