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Local News

Boat sinks as campaign to clean up bay begins

On the morning of January 4th, Bruce Russell stood in the window of his home office on the north shore of Mannion Bay, or Deep Bay as many of us know it, and did a routine scan with his binoculars.

Meetings with BC Ferries don’t equal consultation

On January 21st, chairs of Ferry Advisory Committees from coastal and island communities will meet with management from BC Ferries.

Woman Story opens this week

When a wrong idea possesses a woman, much bitterness flows from her tongue. - Euripides The above quote was found on page 47 of a book called 'Woman in Epigram,' which itself is part of the latest exhibition at the Gallery@Artisan Square.

Planning for the future of the Sound

Howe Sound is a place where watersheds and boundaries converge. Bowen is one of five governing municipalities on Howe Sound.

School bus driver says “goodbye”

On the last day of school before Christmas, Karen Hughes said goodbye to her 'homies.' Her homies are the kids she gets to school and back every day, and when she told them she was leaving some broke down and cried.

Bowen’s new ambulance comes with new computer, but lacks GPS updates

The BC Ambulance Service Station 225 was unusually busy in the lead up to New Year's eve this year.

From pulp and paper to liquid natural gas

A former pulp mill near Squamish on the North West shores of Howe Sound may get a chance at a second life as a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) processing and export facility, now that the National Energy Board has approved the company's application to ex

‘Styro-spill’ exposes gaps in environmental enforcement

When Brian Hodgins found a large piece of styrofoam washed up on the beach near his house, gradually shredding into pieces with the tide, he dealt with it himself.

A big sculpture changes the feel of the place

"It's Stacy's brainchild," says Dan Waefler, pointing to a cube mounted on top of a smoothed out stump, a mini-version of what exists outside the shop. The small version is interesting, and intricate, the large version makes a statement.

Bowen needs status as a rural community

We may have a population of well under 4 thousand people, and we may not have any stoplights, but because Bowen Island is technically a part of Metro Vancouver, it is not defined as a rural community.