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Local Sports

Island teams play with respect

On June 9 and 10, Metrotown in Burnaby hosted Hockey Night in Canada's Play On 4 on 4 street hockey tournament ( ). Approximately 451 teams came out to play in divisions ranging from Tidbits (seven and under) to Adult Elite.

Bowen Building Centre golf tourney great success

The Bowen Building Centre sponsored the Irly Spring Swing at the golf course that was held Sunday, June 3, at the Bowen Golf Club with 120 playing in the Texas Scramble event.

Aaron's run keeps memory alive

The weather decided to cooperate this past Sunday while 115 runners, walkers and mom's with babies in strollers made their way across Bowen Island for Aaron's Run.

All hands on deck for the Round Bowen Race

On June 9, Bowen's shores will be inundated with over 100 sailboats eagerly awaiting the 24th annual Round Bowen Race to commence at 10 a.m.

2011 champs on top, Twins plummet to basement

The Bowen Island Fastpitch League is a quarter of the way through season 27 and the changing of the guard that began last season with the Digger's historic triumph continues.

Runners on the road on June 3

There will be more than wandering deer and bossy Canada Geese on the roads this Sunday morning at 9.

Building the health of our community

Sometimes a simple approach to life and sport can be very rewarding. This is certainly the case with Aaron's Run on Sunday, June 3. Participants don't wear numbers, but instead sport a coloured ribbon to identify distance.

Some things are not meant to be easy

A cherry tree blooms, daffodils show their heads and potted plants stand at the guard rail on Miller Road at Terminal Creek.

Telling you wouldn’t be the same - you’ve got to be there

Last Friday, 7:43 a.m. A splinter of sunshine by some miracle of refraction squeezed through my Vancouver basement bedroom window, blazed across my cheek and cut a direct line to the baseball bat in my closet.

2012 Island Masters recap

The sun was shining and the golf course was in fantastic shape on Saturday, April 7 , for the 2012 Island Masters held at the Bowen Island Golf Club.