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Local Sports

2011 champs on top, Twins plummet to basement

The Bowen Island Fastpitch League is a quarter of the way through season 27 and the changing of the guard that began last season with the Digger's historic triumph continues.

Runners on the road on June 3

There will be more than wandering deer and bossy Canada Geese on the roads this Sunday morning at 9.

Building the health of our community

Sometimes a simple approach to life and sport can be very rewarding. This is certainly the case with Aaron's Run on Sunday, June 3. Participants don't wear numbers, but instead sport a coloured ribbon to identify distance.

Some things are not meant to be easy

A cherry tree blooms, daffodils show their heads and potted plants stand at the guard rail on Miller Road at Terminal Creek.

Telling you wouldn’t be the same - you’ve got to be there

Last Friday, 7:43 a.m. A splinter of sunshine by some miracle of refraction squeezed through my Vancouver basement bedroom window, blazed across my cheek and cut a direct line to the baseball bat in my closet.

2012 Island Masters recap

The sun was shining and the golf course was in fantastic shape on Saturday, April 7 , for the 2012 Island Masters held at the Bowen Island Golf Club.

Camaraderie, perseverance and personal growth

In the middle of January, a group of 43 participants (walkers/runners) and eight Sun Run leaders started a 13-week-journey for the Intraining Sun Run clinic. The goal was the 10 km Sun Run event which occurred Sunday, April 15.

Ask me why I ride (to conquer cancer)

The BC Ride to Conquer Cancer is a two day, 260 kilometre bicycle ride starting from Vancouver and ending in Seattle.

A Boy and his Dad hit the links

The Bowen Island Golf Club didn't exist in 1982 when I last went golfing; I went with musicians I played with in a blues band.

Bowen Island gymnasts qualify for BC Provincial Championships

It was "March madness" for the provincial level Bowen Island Gymnastics team.